Azzedine Alaia

Azzedine Alaia sculpts human flesh from the depths of his lair.
Reconstructing the female figure by correcting imperfections and emphasizing existing qualities.
He combines violence, modesty, and eroticism by hinting at a woman’s desirable attributes while keeping them out of reach.
To show off their figures, he particularly emphasized the small of the back and the buttocks.
He used flowing fabrics that yield to the touch, such as Lycra and viscose.
The stretchy figure-hugging dresses and skin-tight top and leggings that can be seen everywhere in the high street today
were originally his creation. They combine sex appeal with easy wearability.
The first Alaia collections arrived in 1980. In his designs, Alaia eschews all incidental detail.
He generally uses neutral colours such as black, beige, navy, taupe, subtle pastels, and off whites.
He presents his designs without jewelry and with few accessories.
He has capitalized on the seductiveness of a woman’s curvaceous figure,
which he wants to appear as feminine rather than overtly sexy.
With his creation of the famous “body” perfected in the early eighties and worn by thousands of women,
Alaia literally transformed the way women moved.

Mariah Montgomery

Models outside after a 1986 show in Paris // Photo Arthur Elgort via Staley-Wise

Mariah Montgomery

A gloved Supermodel Christy Turlington  // Thierry Perez Illustration  //  Turlington in a “Tati” outfit 1991 Summer Collection

Mariah Montgomery

Azzedine Alaia Navy Blue checked “Tati” coat with star buttons $650 available via 1st Dibs

Mariah Montgomery

Winter Collection 1991 knitted leopard print styles  //  Knitted Leopard Dress $3,850 via 1st Dibs

Mariah Montgomery

Illustration by Thierry Perez  Summer 1993  //  Models in black leopard print stretch lace catsuits Winter 1991

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